Italy Italy 2018

Dogs of Poppi

Throughout the entirety of this trip, I have seen dogs everywhere. I’m the type of person who, if I see a dog, I want to pet them. Its been hard for me to contain myself, mainly because I felt that it was not common here in Italy to do that, plus I don’t even know how to ask to pet your dog in Italian. So I took to just pointing out every dog I say to Jamie, or whoever was around me at the time. Being in Poppi has been no different; withing minutes of being settled in, I wandered to the café for water and WiFi (the essentials) and immediately saw this adorable chocolate lab laying there, basking in the sunlight. I quickly noticed that the area surrounding the café was a hotspot for dogs. In the time we were there, I think I saw almost twenty dogs.

The one place we visited while on our short trip to Poppi, was the Castello di Romena. It was there, halfway up the trail that led to the remains of the castle where Dante Alighieri was inspired to write the Divine Comedy, that we stumbled upon the sweetest dog. This dog not only tolerated all of us petting it and taking photos of it but then essentially led us the rest of the way up to our destination. This “thicc” dog, which we quickly dubbed Castle Dog, then proceeded to follow us down to the church and to our Italian lessons later that day, but also continued to be brought up at random times, namely commenting on its beefy-ness.

I think my dog-petting-urges have been sated for the remainder of the trip thanks to Castle Dog of Poppi.