Italy Italy 2019

Return to Rome

It’s said that if you throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder into the Trevi Fountain, that you’ll return to Italy one day. Turned out my “one day” was this year. I had fallen in love with the Italian architecture and seeing it again was like seeing an old friend. I didn’t realize how much I missed being in Italy until I had stepped foot amongst the ancient and newer buildings and returned to the places I became enamored with a year ago. Even though I went to the same places as last year, I still felt like I was seeing things for the first time. Maybe it was the pain fogging up my mind last year, but I still found new things to look at in familiar places. One place I got to see in a whole new perspective was the Spanish Steps. Last year we had gotten to them from the Metro, meaning we were in the Piazza di Spagna and had 174 steps to trek up if we wanted to see the view from the top. As much as I did, my bad knees wouldn’t allow it so I had to make do with pictures friends had taken. This year, as we weaved our way through Rome from the Trevi Fountain, we found ourselves at the top of the Spanish Steps. Finally, I could see the view! The sight was as good as I heard it was last year, and I’m so glad I got to finally experience it myself this time around. The church definitely was more fun to draw close up than it was from so far away last time.

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