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Street Performers, Not Riots

I’m sitting on my apartment’s terrace, staring at the top of the Duomo, not wanting to write this blog post because it means my time in my favorite city is coming to a close. It was a nice change to be able to wander around Florence today without having to be anywhere at a specific time, which meant that anytime I came across some form of street performer, I wasn’t worried about being late to any museum or rushing up flights of stairs to get to class and was able to stop and enjoy the music playing or whatever it was that was drawing crowds in the streets. While passing by the Duomo I came across a singer singling something in what I presume was Italian and a large crowd of obviously drunken women dancing. Whatever that man was singing about must have been good enough for those women to risk spilling their beer while dancing. Making my way back to the apartment there was a two-man show featuring a dancing Pinocchio puppet attached to the drummer’s equipment. Drums, guitar, and a harmonica drew a decent crowd to the Piazza di Repubblica in the warm mid-afternoon today. Definitely something I would have had to pass up if today wasn’t a free day. Not to mention the glass-ball performer a block away from the musicians. Street performers are not something I see every day back in the states, so to be able to experience these scenes is something I always want to take advantage of. At least these crowds were not the works of riots like they were a few nights ago.

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