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The Bags Under My Eyes Are Designer: I Got Them in Milan

As much as I was dreading this day to come, my time in Italy has come to an end. Milan, though not my favorite stop in Italy, was definitely one stop I was looking forward to, if only for the Gothic-style Duomo. When I heard we were going to be taking the elevator up to the top of the spires, I was excited since I wasn’t able to go to the top of the Duomo in Firenze (due to bad knees and feet). But when it turned out our tickets were for the walking tour of the Duomo, my soul felt crushed. There was no way I could walk up those steps without a break (which I learned later that it didn’t have), so instead Dr. O’Connor and I went inside the church to explore, but also to buy a mass for my Aunt who had passed away during this trip. With the help of his (better than my) Italian skills, we were able to get into the back of the church where the priests get ready for mass and where no tourists are permitted. This very helpful guide let us in the exit for the prayer part of the church and was super excited to practice his English. He even went as far as to taking us outside to show us the original Statue of Liberty, which was built before the French version, and was “inspiration”, as this guide put it. As exhausted as I was during the last day and a half of our trip (aka, our entire time in Milan), I would not mind going back there someday.

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